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NOTICE: We have updated our Online Ordering system. Customers who have ordered online in the past may have to set up a new account as if you are a new customer. Thank you!
**Sorry, but coupons are not redeemable when ordering online** If you have coupons to redeem, please call in your order or stop by one of our locations.

Order Now in St Paul

Delivery & Carry Out available in St Paul.



11am to 1pm
$15 minimum (before tax)
$2 Delivery Fee

5pm to 9:30pm
$15 minimum (before tax)
$2 Delivery Fee

Noon to 9:30pm
$15 minimum (before tax)
$2 Delivery Fee

Click on the map below to see our Delivery area.

Delivery Map

If you are located outside our delivery area (see map to left), please use bite squad online ordering.


Order Now in Eagan

Online Ordering Now Available for Carry Out in Eagan!